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Citizens customers, you've come to the right place.

If you recently received an offer of coverage from Anchor Home Insurance, it’s probably because your insurance agent has approved Anchor to assume your Florida home insurance policy from Citizens. Thank you for taking the time to visit us online and learn more about us.

Reasons you should consider making the switch to
Anchor Home Insurance.

There are many benefits to moving your Florida home insurance policy from the state-run Citizens Property Insurance Company (CPIC) to Anchor. Both your insurance agent and CPIC agree that accepting an offer of coverage with Anchor Home Insurance is a better option for you based on the following:

  • Reduced risk of hefty surcharges. Citizens policyholders will be assessed first and could face surcharges as high as 45% above their total policy premium if Citizens experiences significant loss. As an Anchor customer, assessments from Citizens would generally be limited to 2%.
  • More comprehensive coverage. As an Anchor customer, your standard policy has higher limits for other structures and personal property such as clothing, furniture, etc. Anchor customers can also increase limits for important coverages such as personal liability and mold, while Citizens customers cannot.
  • Agent approved. If you received an offer of insurance coverage from us, your agent has considered your options and has already approved Anchor Home Insurance to assume your policy from CPIC. Also, your current agent will continue to service your policy.
  • Financially stable. Anchor Insurance is backed by a $40 million capital investment, which exceeds the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation’s surplus requirements. Anchor has also earned a Financial Stability Rating of A, Exceptional from Demotech, Inc.
  • Competitive rates. In many cases, our rates are lower than the estimated CPIC renewal rate. In other cases, our rates are comparable to CPIC rates, especially when considering the increased coverage limits that are provided under our standard policy.
  • Experienced leadership and claims team. The team at Anchor has decades of proven experience working in Florida home insurance and catastrophe claims response.
Compare and see the difference Anchor makes

Choose your policy type below for a line by line comparison of coverage options. We encourage you to talk to your agent when reviewing the comparison so that he or she can explain how each coverage may apply to your individual situation.

For details, view our side by side coverage comparisons: